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GCCI calls for acceptance of the ruling by Speaker Raphael Trotman – 17th Apr 2013

parliament afc irrigationPresident of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI), Clinton Urling, wants the ruling of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman to be respected and urged compromise as the Government and the opposition consider the 2013 Budget Estimates in the committee of Supply.

In an interview with Capitol News, Urling said the chamber recognises that the political leaders are treading in new waters and even breaking new ground and that’s is why they should engage each other so that some common ground can be found on the 2013 budget.
Prior to yesterday’s ruling, Urling was urging that the opposition allow the Government’s 2013 Budget to pass. He said this position was in the interest of developing the country.

He said while the opposition demands are legitimate and involve issues such as accountability and transparency, there needs to be more co-operation between the executive and the legislature in the request and provision of information.

Urling said while he applauded the tri-partite approach during the budget preparations, this was too limited and locked out civil society.

In looking ahead the Chamber’s President said it is critical that the Government provides the answers that the opposition parties are requesting all in an effort to put the national interest first.

He said this has already been demonstrated during the approval of the estimates for four Ministries including the Ministry of Agriculture.

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