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Frequency Row intensifies as Robert Persaud’s Sister gets Five Frequencies for National Coverage – 17th Apr 2013

robert persaud's sisterAs protests continue over the allocation of Frequencies/Licences for Radio Stations by former President Jagdeo, new details are emerging that indicate who really got what. The Administration has been sticking to its position that Former President Jagdeo did nothing wrong by ending what they call, the radio Monopoly. But this position is being countered with the statements that what the former President really did, was to give away the Radio spectrum to family, friends, his party and fellow travelers.

Now documents have emerged in both Guyana and the United States that speak to the bona fides of at least one of the directors of Telecor. The sister of Guyana’s Natural Resources Minister Ruth Baljit of the Bronx NY, received five frequencies to run radio stations across Guyana. The 45-year-old woman, Baljit is the sister-in-law of the other Director of Telecor, Kamini Persaud, who is the niece of the man who gave both of them the five frequencies, President of the Republic, then, Bharrat Jagdeo.

The Telecor company was struck off the register of companies but re-instated after Ruth Baljit resurrected it and claimed that some 56 Million Guyana dollars are due her as a shareholder in the company. Baljit and her husband also are carrying a mortgage on their 390,000 USD (78 Million Guyana dollars) Bronx property. The share capital of Telecor is half a million shares, owned by the Minister’s sister Ruth Baljit and the Minister’s wife Kamini Persaud.

While there are regulations under the new Broadcasting Act governing how licenses can be allotted, the US based Baljit re-registered the company from her Bronx address using a US State Identification card. The Broadcasting Act under which the current Chairman Bibi Shadick says everyone must reapply states that directors must be Guyanese nationals. The Act also declares that no one person must own more than 25 percent of the Broadcasting sector.

Jagdeo’s gifting of Guyana’s national resources, the airwaves, to certain close friends, family and his political party, has come under intense scrutiny following the forced disclosure by the Prime Minister in the National Assembly earlier this year.

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