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Sydney Allicock hammers the Government and denies support for the 2013 budget – 3rd Apr 2013

neil parliamentSydney Allicock was hailed as a hero by the Government some three years ago, when he won the distinguished Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence, the so called Caribbean version of the Nobel prize.

Today, Allicock hammered away at the same Government, denying support for the 2013 budget.

He said that while the Government is gloating over the budget as the largest ever, the conceptualizing of it lacked vision and foresight.
Allicock said what was presented by the Finance Minister is not a human budget, but what it is, is the Government continuing its trend of including projects in the budget to ensure that their cronies benefit financially.

Allicock has articulated and promoted a vision of indigenous rural community development based on communal effort, wise use of natural resources, traditional knowledge and social systems, and equitable partnership with outside agencies. He could not find those elements in the budget and said that the budget is a monstrosity which leaves the country poorer.

He said there is no proper consultation with residents or their representatives in the crafting of the so called development plans by the Government.

Allicock pointed to severe lapses in the delivery of public security, education and health services in the Rupununi. In particular, he outlined the plight of young Amerindians.

Allicock called on his colleagues to vote against what he said was an apology for a budget. He said a clear signal has to be sent to the uncaring Government that the opposition was not prepared to tolerate and give its blessing to mediocrity, which in turn fuels corruption and graft.

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