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WICB President promises to try and unite Caribbean Region through cricket – 26th Mar 2013

weightlifting, guyana, berbiceThe West Indies Cricket Board has a new President and he has promised to try and unite the Caribbean Region through cricket, building on the talent in WI cricket and bring more income to the coffers of WI cricket.

Whycliffe Dave Cameron, who went into the election as a WICB Vice President, won the Presidency from Incumbent Dr. Julian Hunte, polling 7 votes to Hunte’s 5.

Cameron, who will have an Ambassador as his VP, said it is up to the Administrators of the game to find creative ways to confront the many challenges facing WI cricket.

The new President said that he looks forward to the support of the international, regional and local players, the territorial boards, the Board of Directors, the management and staff, sponsors, the media and the public, as they all join hands in continuing the work to transform West Indies Cricket and move it forward.

Cameron also thanked his predecessor, Dr. Julian Hunte, for his yeoman service to West Indies Cricket and his leadership of the Board for the past six years.


The Guyana Power-lifting Federation is trying to establish the sport countrywide and recently held a Novices championships in Berbice.

Several outstanding performances were recorded, among them, the rising sensation in the 45kg category, Vijay Rahim. Rahim as well as other power-lifters said, they enjoyed the sport, but desperately need help in making the weight categories in order to be competitive.

There was also an outstanding female power-lifter, Natoya Robinson, who said, that though the training is tough, she is enjoying it. Her message to other power-lifters and especially female ones is to never underestimate themselves.

President of the Federation, Peter Green said, he was very heartened at what he saw.

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