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Affected EZJet passengers receive partial refunds – 26th Mar 2013

ezjetEZJet passengers, who were left behind when the carrier shut down, continues to receive their refunds, but just over half, in fact, 64% of the monies will be refunded on each purchased ticket.

The Government is using the money it held as a bond from EZJet to refund the passengers on this side of the Atlantic.

However, there were mixed reactions regarding the whole process.

At the time when the airline ceased operations, the company’s website directed affected passengers to its Facebook page, where they were instructed to fill out a form.

EZJet was forced to bring its operations to a grinding halt after the US and Guyana Governments suspended the carrier’s license to operate. EZJet blamed that move on the company it had leased its aircraft from, pulling out and leaving passengers behind.

However, the move by the US Government came just weeks after it was revealed in court documents, that the airline’s CEO, Sonny Ramdeo, was being sued for alleged embezzlement of over 5 million us dollars from a US health care provider.

The CEO said he was innocent of the accusations, but stepped down from the position. When the licenses were pulled and the company’s operations came to a stop, EZJet announced that the former CEO was back in charge.

A district court in Miami will hear Ramdeo’s case late next month.

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