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Building to house Radio Station subject to court order – 20th Mar 2013

telecoreThe Chief Justice Ian Chang has made absolute an order quashing the Central Housing and Planning authority’s approval given to Telecor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc to erect a building in Queenstown. Telecor is a company connected to the ruling party. The company has been awarded five frequencies to operate a radio station throughout Guyana. Telecor is registered by its Secretary who is the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry that Minister Robert Persaud controls. Persaud has connections to an existing Television station too.

The case of the Telecor Building in Queenstown arose after neighbors observed that the Central Housing and Planning Authority had given permission for the company to erect a building and a Broadcast Tower on a corner lot.

For years, there have been by-laws specific to Queenstown east of Oronoque Street. Those by-laws state that no building to be used for any manufacturing, trade or business purpose shall be erected or built on any lot and no such building shall be used for any purpose aforesaid.

The building at the center of the controversy is at 119 Laluni and Peter Rose Streets. The City Engineer having initially stated that the plans were in order later sent Telecor Cultural Broadcasting Inc a cease works order. In addition to the neighbor who sought the cease work order, another neighbor has written to Telecor’s offices located at 185 Charlotte and King Streets Georgetown and its Corporate Secretary, Omkarananda Lochan, about the conditions at the site.

The neighbor, Attorney Melinda Jank,i indicated in very forceful language in a letter to the Company’s Secretary that the construction site is breeding Mosquitoes, blocking drains and the parapet, has taken over sections of public land and has rubbish. She complained that the whole operation amounted to being a nuisance in the area

Several other businesses have mushroomed in Queenstown over the years. There has not been any serious challenge to enforce zoning laws in this part or most parts of the city.

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