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GDF year-end bonus not an across-the-board incentive, says Cabinet Secretary Roger Luncheon – 14th Mar 2013

gdfSecretary to the Defence Board, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said, the year-end bonus paid to the Joint Services, is a discretion that is exercised by the Commander-in-Chief. He noted, that it is not an across-the-board incentive.

During his weekly press briefing, he made this comment after four Guyana Defence Force officers took legal action against Chief-of-Staff Commodore, Gary Best, for withholding their 2012 bonuses.

Dr. Luncheon was quick to point out that only after a review of the annual performances of the Joint Services, would the bonuses be granted. He said, the bonuses cannot be compared to that of the annual across-the-board payout to public servants.

On Wednesday, the four officers were relieved of their duties after a decision was taken by the Defence Board. The GDF then issued a statement saying that the officers were suspended from duty given the serious nature of the matters, its implications, and the avoidance of any conflict of interest which may arise.

According to the GDF, while away from their jobs, the soldiers will still benefit from any leave or monies they are entitled to, while making way for the officers to pursue their legal matters. The matter comes up before Chief Justice, Ian Chang, next Tuesday.

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