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Sluice Gate Collapses and inundates Kingston Georgetown – 12th Mar 2013

floodWater poured into the Canals, drains and gutters and reached into yards as a Koker collapsed under the strain of pounding High Tides this afternoon. The vulnerable Koker or sluice gates of the Kingston Ward of Georgetown, have been under pressure recently resulting in flooding in that part of the city over the last few months.

This afternoon, it came crashing down inundating not only that Ward of Georgetown, but water was seen pouring into North Cummingsburg, that houses the Prime Minister’s residence, State House, the President’s residence and the offices of the British High Commission among other businesses.

The Kingstown Ward has the Pegasus Hotel, the site of the controversial Marriott Hotel construction complex and offices of DDL, GBTI and the headquarters of the Police and Digicel among others.

The sluice door attendants related what happened around 4:30 this afternoon, when the High Tides lashed the doors.

Officially, the Minister responsible for Public Works Robeson Benn claimed, that there is not much that the Central Government could have done when the doors broke.

Residents in low lying areas had been warned that there were going to be abnormally high tides and they needed to take precautions. With this incident, it appears that even the administration did not expect to deal with what is now a worst case scenario.

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