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Amerindian rights group blasts Police over the beating of Amerindian woman, children at Marudi – 5th Mar 2013

apaThe Amerindian People’s Association has joined in the condemnation of the beating of civilians by policemen at Marudi in Region 9.

Programme Assistant, Jean Larose, told Capitol News that the association is appalled over the incident.

She said while the NGO is carrying out its internal investigation into the Mauradi Incident, from the video which went viral on YouTube, such use of excessive force was unwarranted.

On Monday, the Guyana Police Force sent a senior rank to the area to join in the investigation.

Police Commissioner, Leroy Brummell said, the matter will not be swept under the carpet.

He vowed that action will be taken against the Ranks that have already been identified.

But the Association wants just more than an investigation.

A video, posted on the internet showed the policemen clubbing and dragging the civilians, while some of their colleagues, and other men in plainclothes, stood with guns at the ready.

At one point, the corporal is seen cutting a tree branch with which he proceeded to beat the protesters.

At the centre of the protest is a mining claim that is registered to a Canadian mining company, Romanex Guyana Explorations Limited, the protesters said the area in question was neglected for more than a decade.

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  • Anonymous

    This what i saw how those people were beaten oh my God Jehovah, that is cruelty to the highest.Jude 9 on all of u u’re sooooo wicked, but all of that is coming back to u.

  • Anonymous

    You who’re beating those people are like Cane number 2 beating his own brother.Turn away from what is bad, and do what is good.Seek to find peace, and persue it.(proverbs34:14.)The eyes of Jehovah are toward the righteous ones,and his ears are toward their cry for help.(Prov 34:15.) And the face of Jehovah is against those do what is bad, to cut off the mention of them from the very earth.(Prov 34:16)God sure sees what people does.Jeremiah 32:19.


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