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Jumo ‘Rubber Waist’ Primo retains Carib Soca Monarch Crown – 18th Feb 2013

monarchAfter winning his second consecutive Carib Soca Monarch title, Jumo ‘Rubber Waist’ Primo is now looking to do well in regional and international competitions.

His song ‘Fireworks’ earned him the top spot at the Finals of this year’s Carib Soca Monarch Competition. Coming last to perform, Jumo’s entrance onstage was with fireworks, girls on big bikes, dancers and African drums. He gyrated around the stage and his high energy performance left nothing more to be desired, according to one of the Judges. He said defending this year’s crown was hard.

Not to be outdone was actor and comedian and Kwasi Ace Edmondson, who placed second. With the assistance from some local actors and dancers, his message of the “Same Thing” formed a protest, which was part of his presentation.

Though Adrian Dutchin pulled off a safe and high energy performance, this was not enough to earn him the crown.

Meanwhile, there were other noteworthy performances that did not gain the judges nod.
Among those were Roger B, his song ‘looking for bumpa’ was delivered with high energy, and Vanilla and B52 with their ‘tear de roof down’.

For Roger B particularly, many of the supporters had wanted him to make the top three.

This was the 9th year foe the Carib Soca competition.

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