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Delta blamed for search of former President Jagdeo’s luggage – 15th Feb 2013

urlThere may be more to the Delta pull out than meets the eye. Delta was blamed by the Guyana Government for an embarrassing incident late last year that resulted in former President Bharrat Jagdeo having to submit his carry on piece of luggage for security screening here in Guyana. Jagdeo was traveling on Delta.

So upset was the former President and the Guyana Government, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dispatched a note verbale to the US Mission in Guyana and to the State Department in Washington. State Officials inquired of the Delta Headquarters why the former President of Guyana was selected for a search of his personal hand piece.

The incident got even more involved when it was discovered that it was the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) another US Department that triggered the high security search of the former President’s luggage.

This was the second time that Jagdeo’s luggage was subjected to a search. About a week before, the Feds arrested Queens’ Businessman Edul Ahmad, the former President had his checked in luggage searched outside of Guyana. Ahmad has claimed in court documents that he is a personal friend of Jagdeo.

Delta has not admitted publicly that the search of the personal hand piece occurred or that it influenced the Airline’s decision not to do business in Guyana.

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  • Menes De GRIOT Son of Art Sebastion Broomes

    This thing much bigger than you all will ever know,anyhow with the pull out of Delta ,should it occur,it would create a serious problem for Guyana and tourism ,and how we guhn fill up the Marriott. ,dont be surprise if China AIr start making flights to Guyana,well is now de bachanaal start,

  • The patriot

    Who the hell jagdeo think he is….let me remind him that he is a private citizen.


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