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AFC Parliamentarian Moses Nagamootoo adds his voice to the Marriott controversy – 13th Feb 2013

shot0008Alliance for Change’s Vice Chairman Moses Nagamootoo believes, that the no involvement of Guyanese in the construction of the Marriott Hotel is an anti-national act and an insult to the young people of this country.

The AFC has been vocal on the project since it was announced by the Government some years ago. He said it was a bad investment for Guyana from the start.

Nagamootoo feels that the Chinese are not to be blamed for this move, in fact, he feels the Government should be held accountable for the approach taken.

The opposition parties and the labour movement are expected to meet to discuss the way forward on the matter.

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  • younfrevolt2012

    Nagamooto is a political opportunist, whats wrong with other people of other nation working to develop our country, we should be proud to have other to work to develop our nation for lesser cost that pur own natinals.
    Moses have no future plan for this country, all he does with the others is going around complaining and making false allegation gainst this country government. He him seld should remeber inthe time of the opposition now called the APNU, they left this country economy.
    People living under the poverty line, having a car was like a king having 10 wies, people living in mud wals houses, only hotel was pegausu, now you have the pricess hotel now and now thanks to the Chines and the MARIOTT managers branches we have one in this country.
    we have see the great chande that the chines given to guyana the road projects, the shops, medical sectors and so on, the indians dring a new modern hospetol the AFC against this what a opposition people listening to this.
    better meical system for all guyanes now tthese people stopping a hospitol like this.
    MOses need to be jailed for lying to teh aprliament and the people of this country.
    The AFC and the APNU cut the budget, reduced the total cost for the contracting cost for the hotel by millions, now you reduced the money need to complete the project and yet want the same hotel.The chinese choose to build the hotel for less, the labor forces pay less yet paying their taxes, when moses talking about taxes, the brick tranported by guyanese, security by guyanese, steel rods sold by guyaese the pay electricity to GPL so guyana gained more.
    The chinese brough in more modern equipment to make work load easier and lesser cost.
    we should be proud and not be cheap polical idiol and collect money under false pretens in parilament and sell misleading news about guyana and hurting the image of this country…


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