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Central Chinese Channel on the Air in Guyana; Linden still waiting but Chinese obtain Frequency – 4th Jan 2013

shot0007It is now clear that Channel 27/ Cable 78 has been operating in Guyana, bringing “China Central TV (CCTV) English language programming” to Guyana, under the auspices of the Government of Guyana. Guyanese can watch 24/7 Chinese programming from CCTV, that is using a frequency under Guyana’s state owned and controlled broadcaster the National Communications Network (NCN) to operate the service. So far it is a local commercial free operation and there is no clear indication how the channel is being funded.

When the Government Information Agency made the announcement that a new channel was planned it was revealed then that the Chinese were supplying everything except the Frequency and the management.

At the end of 2011, the Chinese Embassy and the State owned and controlled broadcaster NCN, inked a deal for the 24-hour CCTV broadcast. The deal came during the period that the Guyana Government had given an undertaking that no new license would be issued.

The Government of Guyana also gave China the 24 hour channel on Guyana ’s “limited electro-magnetic spectrum”, even as the same Government haggled with the officials of Region 10 in Guyana, over whether a Channel that NCN arrogated to itself in Linden, should be returned to the region. When the Chinese agreement was signed, the then CEO of NCN said that “NCN agreed that once the equipment is provided, and the Government of Guyana grants a licence for broadcast, NCN will manage the station”.

The emergence of this new channel means that the State now has three Frequencies in Georgetown, Guyana NCN (Channel 11), the Learning Channel (Cable 80) and now CCTV/NCN on Channel 27/Cable 78. The National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU), is still to reveal who has been allocated what frequencies in Guyana and what channels are available for possible investment by Guyanese and CARICOM nationals for both radio and TV.

Meantime, several job changes have been occurring with the state broadcaster as more radio stations are popping up. The Jagdeo administration allocated several radio station licenses to various entities under a still to be explained arrangement.

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