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Football agent accuses Presidential Advisor on Empowerment of making racist remarks – 18th Jan 2013

shot0008Damaging allegations of Racism have been levelled at Presidential Advisor on Empowerment, Odinga Lumumba, just 24 hours ahead of the Elections of a new Executive of the Georgetown Football Association.

At a Press Conference this morning,  Football agent, Fizal Khan, who has been around the Golden Jaguars team for several years now and who intends to contest a position on the GFA Executive, claimed that the offending racist remarks were made by the top Government official to someone who represented him in a matter.

The World Governing body FIFA has a zero tolerance policy for racism in Football and  recently sent strong messages to players and Federations with the impositions of bans and monetary fines where cases were proved. Khan said he felt hurt by the allegations which he said should be dealt with.



UG sports co-ordinator, Lavern Fraser-Thomas, has a date with history tomorrow when she comes up against incumbent President, Vernon Burnett, in the long awaited Georgetown Football Association Annual general meeting, where a new executive is expected to be elected. But Fraser-Thomas who sits on the GFA council believes she is up to the task.

She has worked in sport for most of her life and believes she brings a wealth of experience to the Association. If elected, there are some areas where she would make changes.

Fraser-Thomas is the co-ordinator of the Digicel Schools Football tournament and has managed the female National Football squad to engagements during 2010. She has also been actively involved in the coaching of Netball.

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  • Menes De GRIOT Son of Art Sebastion Broomes

    Football in my beautiful Guyana is ran on a plantation system ,one that is worst than when our ancestors were taken as captives to build the economy for European people ,starting with the Dutch,i say worse because history will show you our ancestors even then was able to negotiate some rewards for their labor,now we in Guyana have become such good slaves that we are willing to ,go to work,come home,eat good food, train,,pay our transportation,buy our soccer gears ,pay club dues and then go and play First division ball ,and allow all the monies made to go to the organizers ,something is seriously wrong.I suggest that all monies made at first division games to be shared ,with 25% going to the teams that played,and i mean all monies made ,receipt from the gates as well as any merchandise sold including drinks.To all of the players who are involve in first division ball ,stop working for free,Soccer is big ask buisness Kashief and Shanghai.Cicely Grandson.


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