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Former EZJet CEO says if he stole he would have paid his mortgage and bought a Mercedes – 15th Jan 2013

shot0001In just released court documents, the former CEO of upstart and failed airline EZ Jet, Sonny Ramdeo, says that if he indeed stole 5 million US dollars, he would have paid off his mortgage and bought a Mercedes. In the initial denial email he sent to the FBI agent, Ramdeo took a defensive position to the charges of fraud levelled against him and made accusations of his own about the Promise Health Care proprietors.

Ramdeo, who was found in an Apartment complex basement in Queens when he was arrested, claimed he never stole any money. If he did he would have been living like a millionaire and would have been long gone.

In the email to the FBI, Ramdeo insisted that all his transactions with the Payroll operations he once controlled, the health care provider, Promise Heath Care and EZJet, were legitimate. The payroll company under his leadership did what it was engaged to do, Ramdeo stated in the email. Adding, that there were no discrepancies with filings or making deposits or anything within the period of the alleged fraud. Ramdeo indicated that he no longer, wanted to be part of Paytax, one of the companies cited in the case and he left.

He maintained that there was a limited relationship between EZJET GT INC and PAYSERV TAX INC, and it was a commercial arrangement. The man who thought he could teach the aviation sector in Guyana a thing or two declared that Promise Health Care’s senior management was never deceived. They were fully aware of their cash flow.

Ramdeo had stated to the Guyanese Press that he was funding his airline from secret investors, investments and his retirement funds. Ramdeo is facing serious charges of wire fraud stemming from accusations that he used the payroll money from the health care provider to bankroll his own airline, EZjet.

The FBI released several pages of Ramdeo’s travel history and the prosecution told the court that Ramdeo needed to remain in custody because he was likely to flee the jurisdiction. The Prosecution says that the total amount that Ramdeo may have misused could be as much as 55 million USD.

And although there have been claims in Guyana that due diligence was done on Ramdeo, the US court documents disclosed that Ramdeo had a criminal history including a 1999 misdemeanour conviction for Petit Larceny and a 2001 felony conviction for attempted Grand Larceny.

He faces a March trial for the extant fraud case in West Palm Beach.

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