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TV transmitter indivisible from Frequency – 14th Jan 2013

shot0004Region Ten officials are insisting that the Central Government must return what it took away when Green construction made a contribution to the Region. It all has to do with the acquisition of a Satellite Dish and a Transmitter that were part of a Television Channel, Channel 13, that served the community. The Guyana Government, during the tenure of then Minister of Information, Moses Nagamootoo, was asked by the Regional Committee to have the State Broadcaster manage the station at the time. Since that time it is unclear how the Central Government arrogated to itself not only the equipment, but the Channel on which the station was allowed to operate.

At a public Meeting in the Mining town on Saturday Afternoon, the Regional Chairman, Sharma Solomon made it clear that the Transmitter must be returned with the Frequency on which it operates, Channel 13.

At the moment, the Central Government through its various arms and agents, operate three channels in the Very High Frequency (VHF) band for television broadcasting. The National frequency Management Unit that is required to administer the allocation of Channels has been strangely silent on the history of allocation of Frequencies, who has what and who is operating on what frequency.

Now, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) politicians are pointing out that whatever agreement was signed was done in good faith.

Persons knowledgeable in the industry are saying that the Guyana Government is engaging in deception because it failed to explain that it was the Guyana Government that seized and arrogated to itself, the Transmitter and the Frequency Channel 13 in Linden. Others are pointing out that Region ten has to live with the agreement it signed and go back to an agency of the Government for another Frequency and license to broadcast.

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