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Ramdeo former EZ Jet CEO still cannot fly the coop – 10th Jan 2013

Once again, the Florida Man who had invested so much in an airline called EZjet, is finding it difficult to raise money to obtain bail. After a forty-five minute detention hearing yesterday, a Florida Federal Judge ordered the former EZ Jet CEO, Sonny Austin Ramdeo, to be detained. He will remain in custody until he manages to raise bond or until his trial that is now scheduled to start on March 11. Ramdeo is accused of wire fraud in the US and will face trial in West Palm Beach Federal Court.

On Old Year’s day Ramdeo was transferred from the New York jurisdiction where he was arrested for using payroll funds from a Florida based healthcare provider, Promise health Care, to underwrite his EZjet operations. In yesterday’s court appearance, The FBI witness and the Defence Attorney proffered evidence and the Prosecution’s exhibits were admitted into evidence.

When he last appeared in court in Florida, Ramdeo waived the formal reading of the complaint against him and entered a not-guilty plea to the charges. The Judge ordered that each side, the prosecution and defence  should make available to each other, whatever evidence was there. Since then, Ramdeo’s court appointed attorney has indicated that his client would maintain his silence on the issue. The next status conference will be on February 4th.

Ramdeo, while running the upstart airline EZjet, was repeatedly questioned by the Guyana based-press about the source of his financing. He contended that he had unnamed investors and used money from his personal investments and retirement funds. The local authorities appear to accept his explanation and just allowed him to lodge a bond with the Guyana Government. When the US Department of Transportation shut down his operation, the Guyana Government followed suit and closed down the airline here leaving several passengers stranded. The Guyana Government has been working to refund the passengers and those owed by the defunct EZjet.

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