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Sharma Solomon says he is simply going back to the people – 9th Jan 2013

The rising star in the opposition ranks, Region ten’s Chairman Sharma Solomon, says, he halted the talks with the Central Government, to consult with, and report to the people of the Region. He says, that is how democracy, as he knows it, functions. The Regional Chairman will address a gathering in Linden on Saturday at six in the afternoon outside the Palm Tree cinema site. The Guyana Government, through its spokesperson, Gail Teixeira, described the convening of the meeting in Linden as ominous and sinister.
Solomon says, he would not address those concerns because the idea behind the meeting is to tell the people what is going on and to hear from the people.

There have been several sticky points that have been unresolved since the Region and the PPP/C administration signed an agreement that saw the cessation of protests in the Mining town. Those protests resulted in the deaths of three persons, when police opened fire on a crowd. A costly Commission of Inquiry was held. A report on that COI is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

The Central Government has been basically either dilatory or deceptive in honouring the Regional/Central Government agreement.

Days before the Linden Meeting, the Western Diplomats in the country called for movement in Local Government elections, saying, that the continued absence of democratically elected and effective Local Government remains a persistent drag on Guyana’s national development and its attractiveness as an investment destination.

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