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Guyana Government accused of gross deception over broadcasting in Region 10 – 8th Jan 2013

A public meeting is planned for Linden on Saturday that is expected to address, among other matters, the gross deception being peddled with regard to the transmission and other broadcast issues in the region. Politicians and persons knowledgeable in the telecommunications sector are saying that the Central Government is trying to give the impression that all they promised the people of Linden were a satellite Dish and a transmitter and not a frequency. A broadcast License would have to be obtained according to the law, the agreement says.

Former Information Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, who was part of the original agreement when the Linden Community benefited from the assets of Green Construction, told Capitol News that he was not aware that the Government of Guyana, then or now, would take possession of Channel 13, both the transmitter and the frequency,on which the channel functions.

The Head of the Presidential Secretariat acting Gail Texieira is quoted in a Demerara Waves report as saying that Government has rejected the Region 10 RDC’s call for Channel 13 to be assigned to its TV Channel on the basis that that was never an issue during the negotiations that led up to the August 2012 agreement. Persons knowledgeable in the industry are saying that Texieira is engaging in deception because she failed to explain that a transmitter has to operate on a Frequency and the Guyana Government seized and arrogated to itself the Transmitter and the Frequency Channel 13 on which the transmitter now operates.

The agreement states that the dish and transmitter that were given to the Linden community will be given to the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council. But If Region ten were to turn on the Transmitter it would interfere with an already existing transmission run by the Guyana Government in Region ten. And that is the crux of the problem which broadcaster Anthony Vieira has also raised. Vieira noted too that this was gross deception. He recalled that radio licences and other expansion took place on the electromagnetic spectrum without the necessity of those receiving them applying to the NFMU or to the Broadcast Authority.

There have also been calls for the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) to state exactly what frequencies have been allocated and are in use for over the air broadcasting and cable operations in the country. The NFMU has so far refused to release the information.

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