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Cosmetic company donates a quantity of bins to assist council – 8th Jan 2013

City Hall is getting help  from the private sector to rid Georgetown of Garbage. The Avon Cosmetics Company donated a quantity of bins to assist the council in capturing the tons of garbage left on the city streets on a daily basis. The donation was in response to what Avon saw as a need by the council.

City Mayor Hamilton Green received the Bins for the council and commended the company. He said all must pitch in to help maintain the city. The Mayor  also wants to see more assistance from Government.

This unacceptable garbage situation in the city of Georgetown has prompted the Local Government Ministry, which has oversight over City Hall, to also look to the private sector for help. Garbage has been piling up around the city despite a 3-day clean-up announced by the NDIA early in December and a 10-day general exercise by City Hall. Minister Norman Whittaker says it is clear that the private sector will have to come on board if the city is to be cleaned up. Well the Mayor has been saying for years now that its finance base is too limited to run the affairs of the city. The Mayor has also said on many occasions that he believes the city is being deliberately squeezed in order for them to come into conflict with citizens. The Minister  says he has been meeting with various groups responsible for garbage collection and he has promised a meeting in 3 days time to specify which agency will deal with the various aspects of the city’s needs

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