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Ogle airport operators in another feud over fuel – 7th Jan 2013

The Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) Management and Air Services Limited (ASL), are at it again over fuel supplies. The two sides have been engaged in an ongoing wrangle over the years over how ASL should get its fuel. At the weekend, there was another confrontation where both sides are accusing each other of wrongdoing or acting in bad faith. One side the Ogle airport management is basically saying that ASL did some unauthorized trenching on a taxiway and then abused and assaulted those who questioned ASL’s actions. ASL says, it has done nothing wrong.

The trenching incident has its genesis in the feud over fuel. ASL says, it can obtain fuel cheaper and bring it into Ogle in a more cost effective manner. ASL buys its fuel from Rubis. Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services (CAMS), controlled by the Correia Family, sells fuel at the airport. Ogle Management says, whatever is done to obtain fuel must be done within the required specifications laid down by the airport management. According to spokesperson for Ogle, Kit Nascimento, ASL did not get approval in writing to put down the electric cable to connect the fuel farm. But ASL’s Annette Arjoon Martins says, it was simply a case of running an electric cable for which no written permission was required. She said, that ASL obtained permission from both a Mr. Karran and Capt. Chan-a-Sue to do the work after the last flight came in. ASL did just that, until the work was interrupted.

The matter ended in police intervention on abuse and assault allegations. About two years ago,  OAI had blocked an ASL fuel tanker from entering the airport on grounds that the fuel might not have been properly tested. An ASL official, using the fuel tanker, had rammed the gate open to gain entry. The two sides later resolved the issue and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed according to OAI.

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