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Sculptor comes under heavy criticism for wanting to show off his work – 4th Jan 2013

Guyanese sculptor, Ivor Thom, who has designed the 1823 Monument and sought to justify its location on Carifesta Avenue, has come under flak for wanting to show off his work, rather than adhering to the historic significance of where the monument ought to go. Several African artists, writers and groups are insisting that the Parade Ground on Middle Street in Cummingsburg, here in Georgetown, has historical significance in the struggle for freedom. They want the monument there. Guyanese Artist and writer, Barrington Braithwaite, is one of those who feel very strongly that artistic license aside, Thom has to understand that the Monument is a work for hire.

Other contributors have jumped on the remarks made by Ivor Thom. According to Guyanese, Mark Archer, who is associated with one of the opposition parties in the country, “Thom’s remarks clearly show that he is more interested with his design and showing it off, rather than with integrity and historical accuracy”.

Over the past several weeks, as Capitol News has reported, the Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony and the Guyana Government have heard from various persons who have criticized the siting of the Monument at the Seawall junction near the Kitty Foreshore. Incidentally, it is a junction that has the bust of former Prime Minister and President, the late Forbes Burnham on the Eastern side. So if the Government sticks to its position, the 1823 Monument will be just across the way from the bust of the Guyanese leader the late Forbes Burnham, born just about a century later.

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