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Ahmad brings in Politicos into the net – 4th Jan 2013

The Ed Ahmad investigation was bound to go this way. Follow the money into the politicians’ purses. Now the NYPOST is reporting, that a former New York State Senator of Guyanese heritage, John Sampson, may be under investigation for his links to the indicted mortgage fraud accused Ed Ahmad. Ahmad was a donor to Sampson’s political work in New York State. The report is also claiming that the inquiry into Sampson is focusing on Sampson’s campaign fund-raising and stems from a broader federal probe into Queens Democratic Congressman, Gregory Meeks.

Edul Ahmad is the common link between Meeks and Sampson. Ahmad was embroiled in a congressional ethics probe for giving Meeks a secret $40,000 loan believed to have been a gift.

But it is not only to NY State politicians to whom Ahmad has been linked. The Guyanese mortgage and real estate dealer admitted in court documents that he is a close friend of former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo. There has been no local probe of Jagdeo’s dealings with Ahmad and no official confirmation of anything untoward about the relationship although, the same court documents indicated that the former President received tons of building supplies from Ahmad. The man uses the former PPP Mirror complex in Industrial site here in Georgetown and benefited from real estate deals in Guyana.

Ahmad pleaded guilty in October in the multi-million mortgage-fraud scheme. He is awaiting sentencing in New York.

His sentencing date has not been scheduled and the defendant is now cooperating with the Feds.

Ahmad faces more than 10 years in prison for submitting bogus information on mortgage applications to lenders and using straw buyers to hide his role in the scam.

He also faces more than $15 million in fines and restitution.

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