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An Active Year for Culture – 3rd Jan 2013

The Ministry of Culture, the Guyana Government and African Guyanese groups have been embroiled in controversy over the siting of the 1823 Monument. The original agreement according to some African Guyanese groups, was to place the Monument at the Parade Ground. The Guyana Government later decided to re-site it on Carifesta Avenue near the Kitty Foreshore.

The Minister of Culture, Dr. Frank Anthony, is contending that there was a call for recommendations on the location. When the Ministry did not get responses, it made a decision to place the Monument where it being constructed on Carifesta Avenue. The groups and individuals familiar with the issue have rejected that position and are clamouring for the use of the Parade Ground because of its historical significance of African Martyrdom there.

This afternoon, the Guyanese sculptor who designed the 1823 Monument, Ivor Thom, said, that there were several locations that were considered for the siting. He is satisfied that the location selected, will allow for a proper view of the monument and has the connection to the East Coast where the rebellion occurred.

It will be an active year for matters Cultural this year for Guyana and the Caribbean. Suriname is preparing to host the Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts, Carifesta, at mid-year and just around that time too, Guyana will participate in the Inter-Guianas Cultural Festival hosted this time around in French Guiana.

Guyana will be marking significant anniversaries of the arrival of various immigrants, like East Indians, liberated Africans, Portuguese and Chinese. This year marks the 160th anniversary of the arrival of Chinese immigrants in Guyana. This year will also mark the 250th anniversary of the 1763 Revolution.

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