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President Ramotar hopes for political cooperation and compromise in new year from Opposition – 2nd Jan 2013

2012 did not see many agreements in the National Assembly between the Government and the Opposition. The Opposition holds the majority and has been using that majority to let its concerns be known about the way the Government has been doing business.

A New Year begins and there are a number of contentious issues that will go to the National Assembly. If there is any hope of bi partisanship, it might only be that; hope and nothing else. In his New Year’s Address to the Nation, President Donald Ramotar while acknowledging the need for more cooperation between the Government and the Opposition, appeared to be reaching out with one hand while firing a slap with the other.

“Instead what all of us have observed is that the National Assembly was transformed into an arena where the main objective and obsession of the opposition was to score partisan political points counter to our national interests. It is now in such a state that unconstitutional motions are being regularly taken in Parliament.

In defence of the rule of law and the Constitution we have had resort to going to the Courts.
In fact it is these same mis-guided positions and actions that led to some citizens being harassed and abused in Agricola and the unfortunate loss of lives in Linden.

Clearly we need more dialogue and discussions in our society.”

The President who just after taking office said he would not be signing any bill into law that did not get Government’s input told the Nation in his address that his Government has been reaching out

“While the Government has been willing and has moved even more than halfway to meet the opposition and compromise, we have not seen that same willingness from the other sides. I urge the collective opposition to reconsider its positions and recommit itself to the betterment of our country and the lives of the citizens of our Guyana. Again I wish to state that this government’s position has not changed.

I am willing to work with those who are serious and interested in the socio-economic development of this our land.”
From the budget cuts to the changes in the make up of the committees and even a no confidence motion in the home affairs minister, the High Court became the stomping ground for the administration as it went there on a number of occasions hoping to get the court to overturn the decisions of the opposition led parliament.”

There’s not been much success with that and President Ramotar indicated that the administration didn’t have too many choices. 2013 the President said, will be an exciting year. One Year ago, he had promised that 2012 would have been a defining year in Guyana’s history.

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