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The Dutch Connection in the Gold Heist – 31st Dec 2012

The authorities here are looking for a connection to that 11 million US dollar gold heist in Curacao a few weeks ago. The authorities in Curacao are making progress. They have arrested six persons in connection to the theft of the 70 gold bars. The bars were stashed on a Guyana registered boat with a Guyanese crew giving rise to speculation that the Gold must have originated in Guyana.

The Authorities here in Guyana are not making much progress in their investigations to determine the origin of the Gold. Both the local regulatory agency, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the law enforcement body, the Guyana Police Force, are no closer to determining the origin of the Gold, because the Curacao authorities are not interested in that aspect of the investigation. The GGMC dispatched two of its officers to the Dutch speaking island only to discover that the Guyanese crew members are not available to talk with them. At least that is what is being relayed through the official channels.

It is unclear why Guyana has not used diplomatic channels to access the crew members who are still on the island. But Guyanese police sources are claiming that contact has been made with the International Police organization known as Interpol to obtain more information. However, because Interpol relies on police bodies in the investigating countries it is highly unlikely that Guyana is going to make any headway since it is Curacao that has to tell Interpol what is going on so that Interpol can tell Guyana. This country has not bothered to send police investigators so far to the Dutch speaking Caribbean island.

The Dutch Connection has led several persons knowledgeable about the Gold sector in this country to believe that the gold bars may have been sent from Suriname even if the bars were smuggled out of Guyana initially. Gold is also mined in Suriname and Guyanese manned boats ply the Guyana/Suriname/Caribbean routes all the time.

The loss of millions of dollars in revenue if the Gold were mined and smuggled out of Guyana is what is of concern to the local authorities. But one prominent gold trader said it would be downright foolish to send out 11 million US dollars in Gold with all the concomitant risks simply to avoid the royalty and taxes here. The trader pointed out that while the smuggling aspect could have been successful, the final sale of the commodity would be problematic because of the absence of paperwork. The fact that the Curacao authorities are saying that the shipment was legal, then there ought to be accompanying paper work listing origin but that does not make the origin, be it Suriname or Guyana authentic, unless the agencies in those countries authenticated the documents.

The mystery of the 70 gold bars continues into the New Year!

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