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Home Affairs Minister Rohee unveils new plans – 31st Dec 2012

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, today, called in the members of the diplomatic community, the top brass of the Police Force, the Private Sector Commission and several others stakeholders to essentially tell them that under his leadership, the security sector in Guyana is not as bad as the opposition is making it out to be.

Rohee, reading from a prepared statement, spoke for over an hour and took no questions, as he went through several plans his Ministry has for the Police Force, the Fire Service and the Prison Service. The Guyana Police Force is to be renamed the Guyana Police Service, The Guyana Fire Service will be renamed the Guyana Fire and Rescue Service and even the Guyana Prison service will get a redo, it will be known as the Guyana Correctional Service.

Rohee wanted those in attendance to know that he and his Ministry have been working to address several concerns in the society about the sector.

The Minister said, for those who may be questioning why are all of these plans only now coming to the fore, the answer is simple. He has spent the last 6 years as Home Affairs Minister understanding how the sector operates.

The full plan unveiled by the Minister is expected to be released on the Ministry’s website. He said, he is sure that the opposition leader would agree with many of the plans since they all share the mutual interests. Other plans to come on stream include the establishment of an air wing for the Police Force and more training for ranks.

There will definitely be a need for more training. Polygraph tests was administered to 52 ranks. 40 of them failed.

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