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Hit and run driver charged with death of 22-year-old Farfan and Mendes employee – 28th Dec 2012

48-year-old, Sewdat Ramlall of La Bonne Intention, is in the jail house this evening after he was remanded to prison, charged with causing the death of 22-year-old Farfan and Mendes employee, Rodwell Brummell, who was hit down by a speeding car last week, while walking his girlfriend home. The driver of the car never stopped and for days there was no trace of the car or the driver.

Late yesterday there was a break in the case and the Police moved in on an Auto Body Shop at Lusignan on the East Coast and found the badly damaged car parked there. The driver of the car, Sewdat Ramlall, was later arrested and today taken before the courts.

He was slapped with 4 charges; causing death by dangerous driving, failing to report an accident, failing to render assistance and failing to stop his vehicle immediately after an accident. The man was arrested in the comfort of his home.

The Police had gotten a tip off on the man, but locating him appeared a bit problematic until yesterday, when friends of the dead young man launched a social media blitz calling on anyone who may have spotted a damaged red car to report to the Police. All that was left at the scene was part of the car’s damaged bumper. By yesterday afternoon there was a breakthrough.

What is even more troubling about the case, is that Sewdat Ramlall worked just across the street from where the young man worked at Farfan and Mendes in Kingston Georgetown. And there are also reports this evening that the license registration number that was being used for the motor car does not belong to that car, but rather to another vehicle. If that proves to be true, more charges could face the 48-year-old.

Ramlall offered a not-guilty plea to each of the 4 charges and bail was refused. He did not say much in the courtroom. While he was appearing in court, relatives and friends of the 22-year-old Lindener were viewing his body at a city funeral home. He was buried this afternoon in his home town of Linden, on the same day that he would have celebrated his 23rd birthday.

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  • slimtrim

    I am happy they caught this vaggerbun. Some time in November one for my friends on the west coast ,teacher, was a victim of this same ucscrupulous act. Hit and run. Hope they give him his doce in jail. He must come out walking like Beyonce, punishment for what he did.


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