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City Hall Restoration may be on the cards – 21st Dec 2012

At least the Central Government is beginning to notice the decay at City hall. No not the politics inside, but what has been happening to the actual building. Speaking on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the National Trust Awards Ceremony, a senior Public servant noted that City Hall is crying out for restoration and preservation. The ceremony was held last evening at one of the country’s Heritage Hotels, Cara Lodge.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King said that over the last forty years, the Central Government has paid attention to the work of the National Trust providing it with resources to both preserve our heritage and educate people about our heritage.

The senior official who was speaking on behalf of the Minister of Culture Youth and Sport said that City Hall is one of the fine examples of our architectural heritage and needed to be saved. He described it as a major landmark by which this city is known.

There have been several calls over the years to ensure that the building is restored. But there have been issues surrounding how the works should be undertaken and who should be mandated to do the rehabilitation works.

The National Trust and the Guyana Heritage Society have both been calling for a partnership to get the works going as the wooden building was deteriorating rapidly.

The National Trust while it has been receiving funding to encourage the preservation and promotion of Guyana’s Heritage has only been allocated around 30 million Guyana dollars (150,000USD) per year to cover its work on the coast and the interior parts of Guyana.

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