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Joint opposition APNU/AFC withholds taxpayer funding of the Marriott Project – 18th Dec 2012

The Opposition Parties want more clarity and information on Government’s role and investment in the construction of the new Marriott Hotel, and late Monday in the National Assembly, the two opposition parties, APNU and AFC, used their majority to withhold taxpayer funding of the Marriott project, which is already under-way in Kingston. The opposition’s position, is that the Government would first have to come to the National Assembly and seek approval for the funding and not continue along the road of just putting money into the project as it wishes.

But even with the opposition’s move, the Government could and is expected to continue funding. The administration has been pushing the project for over 3 years now and with construction finally under-way, there appears to be no turning back for the Government.

The Opposition Parties have been pushing to get more information on the project. They want to see a feasibility study as well as economic and environmental assessment reports.

The Minister of Finance has now extended an invitation to the Opposition parties to meet at the office of the President where he said they will be provided with the requested documents and information.

The Opposition however, believes, since taxpayers money is being spent, taxpayers should know more about the investment and as such they want any revelation of documents and information to be made in the National Assembly and not behind the doors at the Office of the President.

The Government intends to spend a whopping $21 Million US dollars on the project, which is being undertaken by a company known only as Atlantic Hotels Inc. The opposition wants to know more too, about the principals of that company and where that company may be getting its financial support from, other than through loans that are expected to come from the banking sector.

The Opposition’s concern is that the Government has not been too forthcoming about the project and the movers and shakers behind it. While some in the private sector have come out in full support of the project, expressing the importance of that hotel for Guyana and the need that exists, few of them have seen information about the investment and the feasibility study.

The Government believes the opposition’s moves are selfish and not in the best interest of the country or the Tourism industry.

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