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EZ Jet CEO to make next court appearance in Florida – 18th Dec 2012

When the EZ Jet CEO makes his next court appearance, he will do so in Florida, the case is being transferred there because that’s where he operated from, when he worked with health care providers and that’s where the alleged fraud is believed to have taken place.

In court documents, the US Government claims that the EZ Jet founder and owner, Sonny Ramdeo, stifled off US$20 Million from the two health care service providers to his own company Payserv Tax Inc. A company he had set up to transfer the tax payments from the two health companies to the US Government.

Instead, the Prosecutors say, Ramdeo not only transferred the money to his own company, but also diverted a lot of it to the setting up of EZ Jet, the airline he launched just over a year ago with non-stop flights between Guyana and New York. The rest of the money may have been for his personal use.

When EZ Jet began its operations in Guyana, one of the big issues was where was the airline getting its financing from. Even the woman who was eventually hired to overlook the Guyana operations raised questions with Ramdeo himself.

Ramdeo always dodged questions about his financing and claimed that he had a board in place. The problem was, no one ever knew who those board members were and as it is now appearing, there was never any board and it was Ramdeo running the business himself. When he was first slapped with a 5 million us dollar lawsuit from one of the health care providers, he kept a low profile, even his staff members did not know where he was as the airline collapsed before their own eyes. He would make contact with them via Skype and that same decision may have led the FBI to him. They moved in and arrested him last week, filing the charges just moments later.

The Guyana Government has admitted, while it did some checks on the airline before its start up, those checks appear limited to just a few areas.

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