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EZjet Owner does not seek bail in New York. – 17th Dec 2012

EzJet Founder and CEO, Sonny Ramdeo, today, appeared in Federal Court in Brooklyn and essentially agreed to remain in jail until his Fraud and Embezzlement case is moved to Florida. Ramdeo was escorted into the courtroom around 11:30 this morning where he did not make the expected bail application, but rather reserved the right to do so in the State of Florida, where the case is being transferred to, that is because Ramdeo has residency in Florida, the alleged crime was committed there and he was indicted there.

Wearing a khaki jumpsuit and red under-shirt,  a visibly withdrawn Ramdeo stood throughout the hearing with his hands held behind him and responded with a simple “yes, your honour”, when questioned on his knowledge of his rights by Judge Levy, during the proceedings which lasted just a few minutes according to Capitol News reporter, Duane Fowler, who was in the court room this morning.

Ramdeo had been widely expected to seek his pre-trial freedom before the courts today, but declined to do so even as legal sources say given the nature of the indictment, the amount of money he is accused of defrauding Promise Healthcare and the fact that he has been virtually incommunicado for the past few weeks, except with his inner circle of associates, it was highly unlikely that bail would have been granted today. He is expected to be transferred to Florida within the next few days. Ramdeo was indicted on December 6th and arrested on the 11th. He was arraigned last Wednesday in Brooklyn.

Duane Fowler contributed this report from New York.

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