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Barama Company receives Verified Legal Origin Certification – 14th Dec 2012

In the forestry sector, the Barama Company is celebrating this evening, after receiving the Verified Legal Origin Certification, for its wood and wood products. By attaining that certification, the company boasts of having the largest single block of tropical forest with the VLO Certification in the world.

What that certification in fact means, is that the timber and wood products sold by Barama are from a legal verifiable origin. In simple terms, it’s a quality assurance tied into knowing legal procedures were followed and it does not include illegal activities. Company Officials are pleased with the achievement since it lifts the profile of the company which has been doing business in Guyana for over 2 decades.

Minister of Natural Resources, Robert Persaud, in congratulating the company on its achievement said, the Forestry Commission and other stakeholders have been working over the years to ensure there is proper management of the country’s forest resources.

Barama is a Chinese company which employs over 1000 Guyanese nationals and is considered one of the longest running foreign direct investments in Guyana. It also boasts of having made the largest investment in the local forestry sector. Barama came to Guyana under the PNC Desmond Hoyte Administration back in 1991 and formed part of Hoyte’s vision for economic recovery.

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