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EZ Jet’s Guyana Operations Manager makes it clear that there is no coming back for EZ Jet – 13th Dec 2012

And Now the end is here and EZ has pulled the final curtain. EZ Jet’s Guyana Operations Manager made it clear today, that there is no coming back for EZ Jet and the airline will begin winding up its operations. Rosalinda Rasul, who overlooked all of the Georgetown Operations and was even made acting CEO said, she feels deceived by the company’s Chief Executive, Sonny Ramdeo, who remains in custody after being slapped with a payroll tax fraud charge in the United States. Rasul today called in the media to say, that she was never aware of what was happening in the other EZ stations and was even more unaware of the true financial state of the airline since all of that was kept from her by the CEO, Sonny Ramdeo.

She described to the media a tale of a one man airline. Sonny was boss and held on to that position to the very end even with the wave of problems rushing ashore.

Rasul told the media, that for the past few weeks her only way of making contact with CEO was via email and Skype. The Guyana operations she said, was in good financial standing and at one stage was even paying the fuel bill for the airline which should have been paid by the New York operations. That was millions of Guyana dollars. Even after the revocation of the EZ Jet license by US and Guyana authorities, the demise that now faces the carrier, Rasul said, she never saw coming so quickly.

The operations Manager said, the Government of Guyana will now take over the refund process with that G$40 Million it has as a bond. Passengers who were given post dated checks by EZ Jet should not try to cash those cheques. The Government will have to issue them new payments and that could take a while. As for passengers in the New York and Toronto area, they’ll have to keep waiting for now.

EZ Jet began operations just about a year ago. The company never had a board of directors in place.

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  • Fazrun Boochoon

    You say you was unaware of what was taking place. Tell that to all those dumb ass Guyanese who will believe you. All of you was in this scam together so stop. With the blaming game all of you asses should be in fucking jail with your CEO.

    I am still waiting for you thieves to return my fucking money for the two tickets I bought

  • SydneyJKlich

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    This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up to date the great works guys I’ve incorporated you guys
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