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Guyana Government complains to international community – 12th Dec 2012

The Government of Guyana is clearly not happy with the Opposition majority in the National Assembly and is now turning to the international community for help.

The administration has compiled a document and has sent it off to the OAS and other international organizations complaining about the Opposition’s stance in the National Assembly on a number of issues.

According to the Government Information Agency, The Guyana Government has called on the international community to monitor and consider statements and postures it may wish to make in support of the protection of parliamentary democracy and the legitimacy of the democratically elected Government in Guyana.

The document according to GINA, states that the developments in the Guyana National Assembly over the last 11 months are disturbing and worrying. The administration is clearly pointing to the budget cuts earlier this year and the recent passage of a no confidence motion against the Minister of Home Affairs.

Political watchers say it is a strange move by the administration and may be showing the Government’s frustration with the situation and its inability to govern without an absolute majority in the Parliament. There have been whispers about snap elections in 2013 but some in the Government are not supportive of any such move fearing that the results could work against the PPP.
The Alliance for Change today said it was not surprised by the move by the Government to go complaining.

The Opposition Leader and the APNU have said that the Ramotar Presidency is a disappointing one. The opposition parties have been pressing the administration to take on a number of recommendations on several national issues. They say the Government never appears willing to accept what the opposition is putting forward.

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