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GDF denies rape allegation case cover-up – 12th Dec 2012

The Guyana Defence Force today, said, it is not involved in any cover up of an alleged case of rape involving a senior officer and a junior female Rank.

In a statement issued today, the GDF said, the female Rank brought the matter to the attention of the army and immediately action was taken against the officer fingered, and the young woman was asked to make a formal report to the Guyana Police Force, which would have to deal with the criminal matter.

The GDF said, it carried out its own internal investigation and that investigation led to administrative action. A disciplinary panel was put together and sanctions were made against the officer for contravening force regulations pertaining to improper officer and other rank relationship. The Chief of Staff chaired that panel the GDF said.

The young woman who made the rape allegations has since been counselled by the a Senior Welfare Officer of the force according to the statement by the GDF. The Army is maintaining, that it is not involved in any cover up and or any attempt to cover up and the criminal matter ought to be dealt with by the Police.

The female Rank reported the incident to the Brickdam Police Station, but according to reports she is not pleased that the investigations may not be progressing. According to reports, the rank claimed that she was raped by the officer, a captain, back in 2011, on 2 occasions, and there have been no moves with regard to the investigations since then, although she made two reports to the Police about the incident. During both incidents, the young woman claimed she was drunk.

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