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Police officers involved in Belgrave shooting death are still to be charged two months later – 11th Dec 2012

Today marked two months since the Police shooting death of 21-year-old Dameon Belgrave, on Hadfield Street, just across from the Fish Shop. Two months later, there is still no charges against any of the officers involved. Belgrave, who was hanging out with friends,  was shot when the Police opened fire on the crowded area, while chasing a 15-year-old boy over a traffic offence. For the past eight weeks, the file on the investigations has been transferring hands, between the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Police Force, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Police Complaints Authority. The DPP, just last week sent the file back to the Police for additional information, since from the report the Police had handed in, it could not say definitively which officer fired the shot that struck and killed the young man.

Three officers were initially placed 0n close arrest over the incident. What the office of the DPP wants, is for the Police to bring together more evidence that would clearly point to the cop who fired the fatal bullet. Some eye witnesses have said, that only one of the Policemen was firing shots at the time, but even they are not too clear on that.

All three of the policemen fingered, have been trying to distance themselves and have been throwing around blame. They all belong to the Tactical Services Unit. Officers from that same unit were fingered in at least four other shooting deaths of unarmed civilians over the past six  months. There was the incident at Linden during the protest and the September 11th Shaquille Grant killing at Agricola. Charges were made out against three policemen for the Shaquille Grant killing. Just one of them has been appearing in court. The other tw0 reportedly jumped the country after realising that they were going to be charged. The Police Commissioner, just after the Dameon Belgrave killing, met with the young man’s relatives offering his sympathy and support and promising that justice would be done in the matter.

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