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Former Warrant Officer of GDF contemplates move to courts over “Vengeful Dismissal” – 11th Dec 2012

A former Warrant Officer of the Guyana Defence Force is contemplating a move to the courts, after he was dismissed from the army, just after he applied for early retirement. Warrant Officer Class 2, Lincoln Fraser, has hired the services of an Attorney to address what he considers, vengeful dismissal.

The Warrant Officer believes, he was dismissed after he wrote to the President, complaining about his request for early retirement, being ignored. Fraser said, back in 2011, while he overlooked the Junior Leaders Course at Takama, and was responsible for ammunition to be used for training, some of the ammunition was misplaced by other Ranks, but later recovered close  the training area.

In accordance with the Defence Act, Fraser was charged on four Counts of Conduct to Prejudice and two Counts of Disobedience to Standing Orders, all related to the ammunition issue. Three of the charges were dismissed against him and for the ones he was found guilty of, he was blocked for promotion for two years. He believed the sentence he was handed down was unfair and requested earlier retirement. He had already served just over  20 years in the Guyana Defence Force, and as such would have been able to be granted early retirement. His request was just acknowledged, but there was  no movement to grant him the early retirement, he said. It was then that he decided to write the Commander-In-Chief himself, President Donald Ramotar. That move apparently angered the Top Brass of the Military and the same ones who did not respond to his request for early retirement, wrote him indicating  that his services were no longer needed and as such he would be dismissed. Fraser said, he wanted out of the GDF, but by them  moving to dismiss him, rather than grant him his early retirement, he stands to lose his gratuity that he said he put in 20 years for and all of his pension benefits.

He said, in the two decades of his service to the country and the Guyana Defence Force, this was the first time that he was taken up for discipline and a probe. He believes, that his  move to retire rather than face a block in promotion, did not find favour with the GDF and they wanted to get back at him. His Attorney has since written to the Defence Board and if that response is not favourable, the GDF and that Board could find themselves facing a lawsuit in the Supreme Court.

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