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36-year-old Newtown Kitty resident charged in connection with $2 billion dollar cocaine bust – 10th Dec 2012

36-year-old Newtown Kitty resident, Gilbert Bristol, is in the Camp Street jail this evening after he was today charged in connection with that $2 Billion dollar cocaine in fish feed bust. The man was refused bail. His attorney tried to get the court to grant him bail claiming that he had serious health issues but the Chief Magistrate shot that down and refused bail after the man entered a not-guilty plea.

Bristol is a licensed importer and exporter and according to the Prosecution’s case, last Friday while a shipment of fish food was being loaded, GRA Agents noticed something strange as the containers were going through the scanner. When they did a manual inspection, 512 pounds of cocaine was found stashed between the fish feed.

The examination was done in the presence of the accused and when questioned, he did not offer any information and as such was charged since the shipment and the documents pertaining to the shipment were all in his name and he was overlooking the shipment himself.

The CANU prosecutor told the court that the man had a license for the import and export of products and was preparing to send off the shipment of the drug-laden fish feed to China when it was intercepted.

The fish feed itself was processed by an East Coast company and was packed into 1500 bags. The cocaine was placed in those same bags between the fish feed.

The attorney for the accused, Latchmie Rahamat, told the Magistrate that her client was innocent of the charges and had no knowledge of the drugs in his shipment. She told the court that it will be revealed that the prosecution cannot prove the man’s guilt and direct connection. The attorney was hoping for bail on the grounds of the man’s medical condition but the prosecution indicated that whatever medical condition that might be affecting the accused could be adequately addressed by the Georgetown Prisons.

3 persons believed to be relatives of the man were in court for his appearance. He kept a straight face throughout the hearing and didn’t have much to say either on his way out of the courtroom.

The 2 Billion dollar drug bust was one of the largest drug busts for this year and investigators are still working on the case since they believe that they may be a number of other persons connected to the drug shipment.

And in court today too, two other persons O’Brien White and Adrian David were both remanded to prison after they entered not guilty pleas in connection with the cocaine in drinking straws case. Over 40 pounds of cocaine were discovered neatly inserted into drinking straws which were packed in macaroni packets and hidden between a shipment of mangoes which was being sent to Canada. That case is also still being probed.

4 persons were initially arrested, but CANU decided to charge just two of them since the other 2 may have been unaware of what was in the boxes that they were packing for shipment. CANU is convinced that the other two men who were eventually charged, played a key role in putting together the shipment and documents for the shipment.

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