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One man in custody for Cocaine on the docks to be shipped to China – 7th Dec 2012

The signals were there for a while now that somewhere out there in Guyana there was a large amount of cocaine that had to be shipped out in periodically. Today the Drug Enforcement Unit of the GRA (Guyana Revenue Authority) and the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) discovered a large quantity of cocaine pellets stashed in a shipment of Fish food bound for China. And it is an awful lot of the contraband drug that was being sent. So much that it took CANU and other law enforcement officers and an almost complete lock down of the GNSC wharf in Georgetown to unearth and remove the cocaine.

Preliminary estimates put the amount in hundreds of kilos with a street value close to two billion Guyana dollars. Working on local and international intelligence for months now (there were reports that large quantities were likely to move through the country’s seaports) the CANU, the Drug Enforcement Unit of GRA and the Police had their feelers out for that possibility.

Over the last few weeks local and international interceptions revealed that the Intelligence and information received in Guyana, were spot on. Only Wednesday of this week, there was an interception in macaroni and earlier this same week there was the case of another large quantity of coke secreted among soap powder. The destinations for these shipments were routes that the agents know are being used by drug traffickers.

In addition, cocaine was found in Malaysia since October but was revealed several weeks later by the Malaysian law enforcement officers. The cocaine shipment originated in Guyana.

Unlike previous cases, there are now signs that some of the co-conspirators are being charged and sentenced here in Guyana. Couriers are continuing too to take small quantities of the illegal drug out of the country including a woman who travelled last Friday by air to New York and had cocaine concealed in her private parts. She is on bail in the US.

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