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Government continues to dodge questions about new Criminal Investigation Unit – 4th Dec 2012

The Government is not letting any secrets out when it comes to the new Criminal Investigation Unit, which is located in the compound of Castellani House. Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, last week revealed that he is the Chairman of the Board of the new unit which is patterned after the American CIA. However, he dodged questions about who was the actual head of the new agency.

There are reports that the Government has been quietly courting a Lt. Colonel in the Guyana Defence Force for the job. He may have already landed the high powered job, but no one is confirming that just yet. Dr. Luncheon would only say that the search has not ended and that candidates for the position are still being examined.

There has been talk about the unit for well over a year. but the Government has been very secretive about its direct functions and how it will go about its work. There have even been questions about why it was set up in the compound of the National Art Gallery, just across the road from the Office of the President.

A few weeks back, two Stabroek News reporters found themselves in some hot water, when they ventured into the compound to enquire about who the Head of the unit was. The Government called in the police to investigate their presence, with Dr. Luncheon saying that the reporters told security that the Home Affairs Minister sent them. The reporters said that’s not true.

Quizzed about whether any law was broken that would necessitate a police probe, Dr. Luncheon admitted that the reporters had broken no law.

The Guyana Press Association made known its displeasure with Dr. Luncheon’s move to intimidate the two journalists. That issue may be a closed case now, even as the Government still dodges questions about the CIU.

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