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Disgruntled EZ Jet passengers continue to complain – 4th Dec 2012

EZ Jet passengers who were left behind when the carrier shut down its operations are not a happy bunch this evening and they continue to complain about the Government and the airline not telling them much about their refunds.

The Government intends to tap into a deposit the airline had made and refund those passengers on this side of the Atlantic. However, there are hundreds of passengers in the US and Canada who are trying to figure out just how they will be able to get their money back.
The EZ Jet website points affected passengers to the company’s Facebook page where they can fill out a refund form. But other than the form, there is nothing else there about the refunds or when those persons in the US could expect their money back. On that Facebook page passengers were being encouraged to submit the forms more than once to be on the same side. That advice coming from the administrators of the company’s Facebook page. The company has been saying that it is overwhelmed with emails and requests and is making every effort to deal with every customer. Some customers have complained that though they submitted forms weeks ago, they have not heard any response from the carrier just yet.

The Guyana Government is not expected to cover those overseas based passengers.

EZ Jet was forced to bring its operations to a grinding halt after the US and Guyana Governments suspended the carrier’s incense to operate. EZ Jet blames that move on the company it had leased its aircraft from, pulling out and leaving passengers behind.

However, the move by the US Government came just weeks after it was revealed in court documents that the CEO of the airline was being sued for alleged embezzlement of over 5 million us dollars from a US health care provider.

The CEO sai, he was innocent of the accusations but stepped down from the position. When the licenses were pulled and the company’s operations came to a stop, EZ Jet announced that the former CEO was back in charge.

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