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Guyana may request international help to assist 470-pound gold heist probe – 3rd Dec 2012

On this side, no one is laying claim to that shipment of 470 pounds of gold in a fishing boat that was apparently stolen upon its arrival in Curacao.

The boat captain and his crew, all Guyanese were questioned over the weekend in the Dutch-speaking island about the heist that they say went down at a port in Curacao.

The crew reported that heavily armed men, who were dressed as law enforcement officers, attacked and robbed them of the pricey cargo, that should have been picked up by a dealer in the island.

Authorities in Curacao reported, that they had paperwork for the shipment and all seemed legal on their end. In Guyana however, there’s nothing more than whispers in the gold mining community about who could have possibly been behind that large shipment of gold and who would take the chance shipping that amount out in a fishing boat with no proper security in place.

Sources in the mining sector today explained, that there have been a few cases of black market trade in the sector. Miners would smuggle their gold over to places like Suriname, then export it legally from there, as if that was the place of origin.

Guyanese officials are still trying to get to the bottom of the case from this end and are asking several questions of their own.

The Gold mining sector has been outperforming other sectors over the past few years and when President Ramotar took office last December, he announced the establishment of a Ministry of Natural Resources. That Ministry covers the mining sector.

Today the President said Guyana might request international help to assist with the probe.

The gold mining sector has seen steady expansion and investment over the past few years as the price for gold continues to rise on the international market. The Government has been making efforts to reign in those involved in trying to dodge the tax man.

There have been increased declarations over the past few years.

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