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Man pleads guilty to shipping cocaine packed in soap powder out of Guyana to Africa – 30th Nov 2012

Another day, and another one pleads guilty trying to send cocaine to Africa. This time around the laundering puns were getting a little clichéd over the 350 kilos of cocaine found in soap powder bags destined for Niger, Africa, of all places. In court the man, who the law enforcement agents say is the shipper, 58-year-old Dennis Jones, entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Jones packaged the cocaine at a South Ruimveldt address. Only yesterday another Guyanese, the manager of So Coco packaging company, was also sentenced to 4 years, for conspiracy in connection with a shipment of cocaine, that was discovered in coconut milk cans, in Malaysia en route to Mozambique.

In the case of the cocaine in soap powder discovery, Capitol News understands, that ever since the Drug Enforcement Administration, the DEA, presented the Guyana Police Force with  equipment a few weeks ago, there had been reports that drugs were being shipped to Europe and Africa using containers. The Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) of the GRA (Guyana Revenue Authority), CANU (Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit), and the Police Narcotics Division, have all been working on the information. The soap powder shipment was uncovered after the law enforcement officers became puzzled that soap powder would bought from a company that already had a subsidiary and distributor in the destination country, in Africa. Based on the wholesale cost of the cocaine, the investigators are also continuing to look  at who may have been behind the initial purchase of such a large quantity of cocaine  Guyana does not produce cocaine, it has to be imported into the country, then transshipped to various destinations.

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