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Lie detector tests to figure out the disappearance of laptops – 30th Nov 2012

That case of the missing laptops from the One Laptop Per Family project is taking another twist. The Guyana Police Force’s investigations have so far not been able to pinpoint who are the persons behind the disappearance of over 100 laptops from the projects head office.

A number of staffers were sent home when the probe began and with the police not able to crack the case, the Government is turning to its next best ally in the war against laptop theft. Those sent home will have to undergo lie detector tests to be administered by the Government. Other staffers might also have to face the lie detector machine.

They will be asked to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, when they are hooked up to the lie detector machines and quizzed about the missing laptops.

Months ago it was discovered that over 100 laptops had gone missing from the head office of the project and an immediate probe was launched. The laptops may have been removed over a 4-month period and reports are that they were being sold at low prices in communities across the country. Reports surfaced that the asking price ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 for the laptops that were to be distributed for free. The incident caused a major embarrassment for the administration since the project is the brainchild of former President, Bharrat jagdeo, and he still played a pivotal role in the project even after leaving office.

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