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Zoning laws and the city, A broadcasting test case. – 28th Nov 2012

For a while now by laws and other regulations regarding zoning, in the city have not been enforced but one prominent attorney would not have that situation continue. The test case is in Queenstown where the Chief Justice has granted an order directed to the Central Housing and Planning Authority to quash its decision that purported to give permission for a company to erect a building or a Broadcast Tower on a corner lot.

Now here is where the case gets interesting. For years, there have been by-laws specific to Queenstown, east of Oronoque Street. Those by-laws state that no building to be used for any manufacturing, trade or business purpose shall be erected or built on any lot and no such building shall be used for any purpose aforesaid.

The building at the center of the controversy is at 119 Laluni and Peter Rose Streets and is being constructed by an entity named Telecor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc. The objection was raised by Trine Misick through her attorney, Rex McKay. Mrs Misick owns the south half of 117 Laluni and Peter Rose streets that is immediately across the street from the controversial new construction. Misick is contending that both her property and the new proposed construction are east of Oronoque Street in a residential area within the meaning of the Town and Country Act and the Municipal and District Council Act and the Greater Georgetown Planning area. The City Engineer having initially stated that the plans were in order, later sent Telecor Cultural Broadcasting Inc a cease works order.

Telecor’s offices are listed as 185 Charlotte and King Streets Georgetown and its corporate secretary is Omkarananda Lochan.

Several other businesses have mushroomed in Queenstown over the years including a well-known Automotive outlet other AutoSales companies, Mining companies, Printing and Publishing, a TV station among others. There has not been any serious challenge to enforce zoning laws in this part or most parts of the city.

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