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Policemen protest Guyoil station’s decision to not fuel all Police vehicles – 28th Nov 2012

Management and staffers at this Guyoil station in Kitty got a surprise of their lives on Tuesday, when a group of policemen decided to protest a decision by the station, not to fuel up all of the vehicles they had taken there from the Police Force.

The Police brought out some of their vehicles including cars and motorcycles and blocked off access to the station for over an hour forcing other drivers to seek fuel elsewhere.

Reports are that a supervisor on duty noticed that some of the vehicles being brought by the police force to be fueled up were not part of the list of vehicles provided by the police force to the gas station as part of a credit system. Guyoil the state owned company would fuel up police and other Government vehicles on a credit system but the company has a strict policy in place with regards to the actual vehicles approved for the credit system.

At least 10 of the vehicles the police turned up with did not match vehicles that were on the force’s list and the supervisor on duty made a decision not to allow those vehicles to access the credit system since there was no evidence that they were actually police vehicles and were part of the credit scheme. That refusal apparently angered some of the policemen who brought the vehicles and they decided to take another set of police vehicles to the station and park them up all over the station and on the parapet, essentially blocking all access to the gas station. The matter was eventually resolved.

A senior Guyoil official said today said the company is troubled by the actions of the policemen at the service station yesterday. He said the company suspected the irregularities and acted on that suspicion.

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