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Transparency would benefit the society – 26th Nov 2012

A well-attended fund raising dinner at the Pegasus on Friday, paid rapt attention, as the Chairman of Trinidad and Tobago’s Transparency International Chapter, Deryck Murray, cautioned that as long as a group decides to pursue an anti-corruption agenda, then it will come up against those in power.

Murray, a former world rated West Indies Test Cricketer and Vice-Captain of the team, noted in his feature address that it must not only be corruption in the public sector that need to be monitored. He said that civic society organizations and the other private sector entities must also be accountable. He contended that both those who give and receive a bribe are culpable since Corruption is a two way street.

Murray, who is also a Cambridge University scholar and former Private Sector Executive in his native Trinidad and Tobago, indicated that he became involved in issues of accountability and Transparency because he felt deeply about righting wrongs in the society. He observed that as a result of what Transparency International was doing in Trinidad and Tobago, National Contact groups were started in Jamaica and in Guyana.

The inaugural Fund Raising Dinner was hosted by the National Contact Group in Guyana, the Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc.

If you would like to be a member of the group you contact the office through the website or Facebook page.

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