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Sports – 26th Nov 2012

Guyana’s football fraternity is heading for uncertain times as members of the senior Natoinal team, The Golden Jaguars, have been publicly declaring their loss of confidence in the executives of the GFF. The exchanges by the players have been increasingly sharp and the GFF issued a statement on Friday saying that it is unfortunate that the players would belittle their sterling performances in the world Cup Qualifiers with their current claims. The GFF said in its release that it is still awaiting final Technical and Managerial reports before it makes a more detailed release on the claims by the players on their relationship. It stated that the GFF was not aware that any player had lost either job or contract due to Golden Jaguar duties and restated that it is committed to fulfilling all of its responsibilities.

The most vocal voices were those of Captain Chris Nurse, who responded to the statement with his own, striker Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson and teenager, Walter Moore. They believe that the Federation makes no time to treat with their concerns and that the timing of critical correspondence leaves much to be desired. There is also a grouse with what the players are paid, where the amounts were described as disgraceful and insulting. That led to some of the more experienced players refusing the invitation to play, resulting in a weaker team representing the Country at crucial stages of the qualifiers.

The players knocked the Federation’s administration for what they said is their inability to rake in the necessary finances to ensure the team is kept afloat. According to Nurse, within 12 months, the Jags have gone from a team attracting the best talents from all over the world, to a team that can no longer attract the best of its so called “homegrown players”. He said the GFF will have a difficulty in inviting players from the premier league of Guyanese decent into the situation that currently prevails with no plans of progression or resolution from the federation.

The players are still committed to represent Guyana and place their bodies on the line and the preparations and attitude, and commitment in Caribbean cup camp has been unquestionable as it never is with these players. The players have shown commitment to the coach, their country and their team mates which is commendable in this situation.

The success of the Guyana National Team extends far beyond on field performance and the players, it stems from the ground staff, to the office staff to the fan support and only a whole hearted effort from all personnels can result in the success and progress of football in Guyana.



The WICB is celebrating the Test series win by its team in Bangladesh over the weekend, but the situation in Guyana continues to cause them some headaches. There has been no submission of a team to represent Guyana in the 2013 Caribbean 20/20 Cup and the Directors at their meeting over the weekend, are calling for a Guyana squad to be named. In a statement the WICB expressed its concern at the length of time it is taking for the Guyana situation to be resolved. The Governing body for Cricket in this region says it continues to recognize the GCB as the sole governing body responsible for the administration of the sport in Guyana and implored all the parties to ensure that the situation returns to an acceptable level in the shortest possible time. The Board says it is committed to ensure that Guyana’s players and officials continue to be involved in the game and have extended the date for Guyana to submit its team. Cricket in Guyana is at the moment under the management of an IMC led by former WI captain, Clive Lloyd. That body was set up after warring factions in the cricketing fraternity ended up in a court battle that saw GCB members being stripped of their functioning status. The IMC has been working on a draft constitution that is acceptable to all the stakeholders and that is to be ratified paving the way for elections.

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