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President has no Confidence in House Speaker – 26th Nov 2012

President Donald Ramotar has now indicated that he and his Government have lost confidence in the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman.

The Guyana Government remains unhappy with the recent decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly to send the issue of whether Home Affairs Ministe,r Clement be gagged, sent to the Committee of Privileges and in the meantime not allow the Minister to lay any bill before the National Assembly.

Over the weekend, President Ramotar expressed his frustration over what is going on in the National Assembly where the combined opposition holds the majority. The President told the Women’s Conference of his party that the recent decision by the Speaker was political one and not a legal one. The President all but stop short of calling for Trotman to step down.

Trotman indicated just last week in the National Assembly that he would be prepared to go his way if all of the parliamentary parties or any one of them called for his resignation.

The majority being held by the opposition in the National Assembly is not something the Government feels comfortable with but the administration may be cautious too and may not want to call snap elections fearing an outcome that might not be in its favour.

The many conflicts in the National Assembly have even forced the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry to issue a call for compromise.

The opposition parties have made known their position, saying while they are open to compromise and working together for the good of the nation, the Government’s position seem very different. The Government would differ on that and has been saying it is willing to work things out.

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